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Byte Krunch Vision


Byte Krunch was born at a time when simply obtaining a web address, loading a basic web site, and hosting a web platform were things only understood by high-priced off-the-shelf solutions, or costly contracted digital coding rocket scientists.  In the early days our time was dedicated to helping clients learn the role of a web page, develop a basic web presence, and then host the web sites.  We spent the majority of our time helping clients understand the language of the web, the role of digital sales and marketing, and continually updating platforms that were always trying to catch up with the sales designs of the company.

Today, Byte Krunch has transformed into a total sales process management firm utilizing digital access and web design to augment the traditional sales process.  Our clients now understand that a web presence is as necessary today as the yellow pages were in the past.  Any customer oriented company simply does not exist without a web presence.

However, the internet and a digital strategy also brings tremendous opportunity, but unintended consequences.  The majority of our clients begin with a basic premise that their sales are a geographically localized event.  They quickly learn that the web is universal and sales opportunities exist across the globe for all companies.  The unintended consequence is a need for a global sales approach in language, content, and outcome expectations.

Byte Krunch is an affordable option for companies that need both digital sales consulting and web presence design.  We begin by examining your sales culture and process along with your current target market.  We then work with you to create an integrated marketing approach, focused on the global audience, and utilizing web technology to hold down operational costs while increasing sales results.

We are not a company for the first time web client, those are now served by numerous out-of-the box, easy format, web design subscriptions.  We exist in that large space between a first time web experience and a fully customized, internally supported platform.  We bring the development, coding, and support expertise used to augment your current staff.  Together, we create and launch your fully integrated online marketing program.


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