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Website Development / Software Development

What is Web Development?

Web development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality, per the owner’s requirements. It mainly deals with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing markup.

Web development ranges from creating plain text pages to complex Web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications.

Stages Of Web Development



  • Examining business environment and opportunities
  • Identify and understand the enviroment and oppotunites present
  • Set project goals and objectives
  • Identify ways to support brand identity
  • Project Scope
  • Methodology


  • Review corporate branding across all platforms both internally and externally
  • Review current marketing materials both print and virtual across all channels
  • Review current technical standards and capabilities
  • Identify target users and related audiences
  • Determine overview of content requirements for project
  • Begin developing and documenting all creative requirements for project


The Design phase includes completing the architecture and design direction of the website initiative. With a focus on usability and deploying an intuitive architecture. The process begins when multiple design directions are explored based on the requirements outlined in the Discover phase. The approved concept is then applied to all other aspects of the project.


The Deliver phase begins with the approved design being proliferated across all required project regions. Our Development team then implements the new solutions into the foundation of the project initiatives, such as HTML templates, optimizing code and IT hosting solutions to meet all requirements set during the Discover phase.

  • Database, Application & Technical Development
  • Quality Assurance and analysis of usability
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing: Project submitted in fully functioning fashion for testing and review
  • Live deployment of project to select hosting platform

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